Jewish Babysitter - Jewish Nanny Search Service helps Jewish families find nannies, long term babysitters and household staff. We are a fast, economical alternative to nanny placement referral agencies.
We are the original online nanny agency. Our nanny service offers the best recruiting value and experience available.
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בייביסיטר - מאגר מטפלות הגדול בישראל כולל אלפי כרטיסי ביקור של מטפלות המחכות להצעות עבודה שלכם, עם פרטים מלאים, תיאור ניסיון קודם ואף תמונות. ניתן גם לפרסם מודעה בלוח דרושים.

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A Jewish Babysitter's primary responsibility is to care for the child, including entertaining the child, making sure the child is fed according to parents' instructions, and generally providing for the well-being of the child/children. Unlike a nanny, a Babysitter's responsibilities typically do not extend to other household and extensive child-related responsibilities (e.g., there is usually no light housekeeping, meal preparation, transporting children, running errands, etc. involved). Such additional responsibilities may certainly be negotiated with a Babysitter, but are not typically part of their job description. - Israel Housekeeper search service
The service helps find good maid or housekeeper in Israel.



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